Post Star Wars Day; Weekly Challenge 2!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great first week and first weekend on the challenge. The first week(end) is usually always the hardest because it takes your body some time (about a week or more) to get used to any nutritional change. Not to mention the social aspect of weekends! Your body goes through a withdrawal of all of the sugars and “ingredients” in processed foods during the first week which can result in experiencing headaches, grumpiness, and fatigue. It’s smooth sailing after the first week though, so keep truckin’ along! Did you guys still feel hungry through out your day? It may be because you don’t have enough fat in your meal. Think about adding some healthy fats into your meals. What are healthy fats? Here are a few examples: coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, grass-fed meat fat, grass-fed butter. It could also mean that you might not have eaten enough through out your day. Check out this TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) calculator [write up] by Eat To Perform.

Eat To Perform – TDEE Calculator NPR,
Rethinking Fat
Calories in Nuts
*peanuts are considered a legume and not Paleo.


How did you guys feel when you were working out in the gym? Weekly Challenge 2  Who loves sweet potatoes?! The starchy root vegetable is a great alternative to the white potato and it’s packed with calcium, potassium, and vitamins. There are many ways to enjoy and prepare sweet potatoes; roast, bake, fry, puree, steam, grill, mash. . . and the combinations are endless! This week we’re challenging you to come up with your own sweet potato recipe and share it!

Here’s an example:

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