created by: STASIA, Team Megan P.

Today’s Food:

0845: Banana with almond butter
1100: 2 soft boiled eggs, .5 avocado, chicken apple sausage, brussel sprouts, 4 cantaloupe spears
1230: handful of dried apricots, handful of cashews, three slices dried mango
0230: apple, coffee
0545: another apple
0800: 5 oz. pulled pork, brussel sprouts, .5 avocado, a few pieces of cantaloupe
0845: a carton of blueberries (oops), 12 dried apricots (oops again)

Last night’s rest (hours): 7
My Rating: 4
Additional notes:

WATER: Not enough, feeling bloated
SUPPLEMENTS: Ibuprofen (I know this isn’t Whole 30, but gotta do whatcha gotta do), and fish oil.

Again, pretty clean, but the (natural) sugars are where I keep slipping up. Also, sorry that I have been so terrible at journaling.

One thought on “5/12/14

  1. You are forgiven. I havent been the best responder traveling for wedding season over the past few days. Hopefully we can both make up for it in our final days!