created by: STASIA, Team Megan P.

Today’s Food:

0930: a few dried mango slices, handful of dried apricots, handful of cashews, bottle of green juice (kale, apple, lemon, some other whole30 things)
1000: 2 scrambled eggs, 4 z. pulled pork, .5 avocado, banana with almond butter, bottle of almond milk
1230: Dried mango slices, dried apricots
0200: 12 oz. iced almond milk latte
0400: 12 oz. Americano
0800: 3 scrambled eggs, 6 oz. pulled pork, 1/2 avocado, two handfuls of plantain chips (oops)
0900: 1/3 cup mixed nuts (pecans, brazil nuts, raisins)

Last night’s rest (hours): 7
My Rating: 4
Additional notes:

Feeling kind of bloated the past few days. I think I might be eating too many dried apricots, so I’ll probably cut down for the rest of the challenge. Otherwise, felt good.

2 thoughts on “05/14/13

  1. Bloating could be some of the mango too. Any tropical fruit high on the glycemic index does that to me some times.