Second to last Friday!

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We are well into week three folks!

Perhaps you need a night off from cooking or your weekend was too jam packed to make time for food prep…yet you still want to stick to the guidelines of the challenge. Relax, dining out is an option!

I’ve compiled a list of places locally that will be sure to please your Paleo palette.

Best quick & healthy meal: salad bar at Whole Foods, Metropolitan Market, or PCC Natural Markets.

My “go-to” cuisine: (usually lettuce wrapped) burgers or Mexican food.

Avocado/bacon/deviled eggs from last years’ PaleoRx Iron Chef Potluck! 

Restaurant Recommendations (by neighborhood):

Capitol Hill:

8oz Burger
Capitol Cider (Gluten free menu)
Lil Woody’s
Terra Plata

Uneeda Burger
Dot’s Delicatessean

West Seattle:
Mashiko Sushi

Bitterroot BBQ
Root Table

Brave Horse Tavern (careful of all the beer temptations though!)
Portage Bay Cafe (brunch!)

Local 360
Steelhead Diner

Outside the Box Food Truck

*Sidenote: if you are doing Whole30 for this challenge, I strongly suggest you avoid eating out. The main concern here is cross-contamination; there is no way to be 100% sure that unapproved oils (among other things) aren’t being used to cook your food. Talk to your team leader if you have other questions.

Where do you eat out and eat clean?



Tony’s contribution to PaleoRx2013 Iron Chef Potluck

We’re almost to the finish line guys! You all have been doing an amazing job with this challenge. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and for some of you, we’ve really noticed a huge change with your efforts in the gym. We will be celebrating our success of the challenge with an Iron Chef style potluck over at CrossFit SLU after our 4th VERSUS – around 2pm! There may or may not be Paleo/Whole30 friendly plates there because we are celebrating (with awards to be handed out too)! Speaking of VERSUS. . . . Are you all registered?! If not, register HERE. Rep your gym and win the golden hammer for your gym* 😉 More details regarding our potluck to come!!

Megan K. and Jenny L.’s contribution to PaleoRx2013 Iron Chef Potluck

*technically we’re all one!

Keep it up all! Finish out the challenge strong. Remember what the bigger picture is and be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far.

5 thoughts on “Second to last Friday!

  1. Versus is over Memorial Day weekend? Too bad, I’ll be at Sasquatch getting anti healthy for a few days.

    I can vouch for OTB – their loco moco is great, and their plantains are amazing.

    • I think a lot of people won’t be able to make it this Versus. There will be another one soon!

  2. Amy Kiessling

    Thanks for sharing where to eat out in Seattle when trying to maintain Paleo. I had a crazy week and could really use the ease of not having to prepare a meal at least once. Plus I have a little celebrating to do, as I just got a new position at work! I might have to stalk Outside the Box this weekend!