created by: dave t, Team Mark B.

Today’s Food:

breakfast: hardboiled egg 2 sausages, americano
snack: nuts
lunch: grilled chicken and some slaw
snack: tequila
dinner: meatballs, mushrooms and onions

Last night’s rest (hours): 6
My Rating: 3
Additional notes:

I totally fell off journaling the last few days. But I’ve been sticking with eating right, it’s become a routine now. There have been a lot of tests and I haven’t relented. I did however have a dream night before last, about eating a massive bowl of ramen, it tasted so good. I’ve only gone off-ish twice and both were having a little tequila.

I’ve lost a couple of inches on my belly and am feeling strong. I did a bike route I haven’t done in while and damn it was way easier then I remember, uphill all the way too. \m/

One thought on “5/21/14

  1. Mark-Anthony B

    YES!! way to be Dave. The progress will always be there. It sounds so great to hear that you’ve been able to keep a good consistent routine with your diet.

    I also have had food dreams..and then the panic that happen in the dream when I realize what I did.