Looking Forward

Looking Forward

It’s time to start thinking about your post-challenge goals. This transitionary period can be tricky! A few tips I want to share…

1. Pick two.

Think about the adjustments you made over the course of the nutrition challenge. Did you swap out cow’s milk for coconut milk in your morning coffee? Did you give up dairy products all together? Making small, incremental changes to your nutrition is more sustainable and realistic than a total revamp of years of eating habits. Choose one or two changes you’ve made and adopt them for the long-haul!

2. Incorporate “mini-challenges.”

Plan a two, five, or seven day challenge if you begin to slip away from the perimeters of a healthy diet. It doesn’t necessarily take four weeks to remind yourself of the benefits of better nutrition!

3. Continue learning.

Tweak your macronutrients! Do you feel better when you eat more fat and less protein or vice versa? Vary your food intake and try new foods. Pay attention to how your body feels and you will continue to dial in better nutrition. Talk to fellow athletes about their experience during the challenge. Read books and blogs. Ask questions!


My hope is that you continue to nourish your body well. Eat fresh produce from the local farmer’s markets and enjoy warm summer barbecues. You’ve put in a lot of effort this past month- continue making progress towards your lifelong health and fitness goals!



One thought on “Looking Forward

  1. Amy Kiessling

    I’ve really enjoyed all the posts and I’m am so happy I participated in this challenge! I am so motivated to continue with the changes I made, tweaking things a bit here and there and noting how I feel. The timing of seeing “Fed Up” was perfect, it’s really helping me keep my motivation going. I don’t feel at all like I want to go out and eat a ton of crap when this ends. In fact I’m doing my weekly meal planning right now for the coming week and I’m about to make that awesome chicken, sweet potato “noodle” dish that Coleena featured in one of the first posts! Thanks for all the thoughtful work that went into this!