[Late] Final Friday

The weekend is here! The gym challenge is officially over on Sunday, May 25th (but for the majority of you guys, probably sooner)! Just because you don’t have to check in with anyone anymore doesn’t mean your journey in healthy eating is over! Like we’ve mentioned in earlier posts or perhaps into individual e-mails, you guys have done an amazing job and we hope that you’ve attained new and better cooking habits to maintain through out your lifetime.

You may be thinking…. the challenge is over, now what? 

It may take some more time to fine tune what works best for you. Did you feel energized through out the challenge? Did you still feel like you could have eaten more? Is the version you’ve done of ‘clean eating’ maintainable and can you improve it? Did you lose too much weight or didn’t lost any? Do you feel like you understand what eating fresh food is without having to ask ‘is that Paleo?’ If you feel like you still haven’t dialed it in, keep trying and try new things. Reach out to us if you’re not sure where to start. Here are a handful of suggestions on what to do after a challenge like ours: 

  • if you’d like, slowly reintroduce dairy, grainers, sugar, processed foods back into your meals. Maybe you’d like to incorporate Greek yogurt back or some cheese back in your burgers or salads. Maybe you want to enjoy mashed potatoes instead of sweet potatoes or maybe enjoy a glass of milk just because. Just be sure to add it back little by little and take note of how you feel during/afterward. I have heard and experienced what it’s like to go on a strict nutrition challenge and thought that “celebrating” with foods I hadn’t had in a long time was a good idea. It’s not! Don’t throw away all of the hard work and commitment you put into this with one huge meal or full weekend of binging.
  • be okay with having slips and try not to refer to those slips as “cheat” meals. You’ve gotta enjoy life and you probably won’t be enjoying life a ton if you become upset over a bite (or two) of cake or a non-pronounceable ingredient listed in an item you buy.
  • get back on it! it’s a slippery slope after eating that “one” french fry.. it turns into two, three, or four and then escalates into day after day of not prepping your meals and eating out. maybe that’s what your lifestyle is like – eating out often – but now you can make good food decisions and you can always get back to cooking and prepping your meals . . it makes sense financially.
  • depending on your goals, consider a whole30 down the line.
  • Life After Whole30 (this applies to Paleo too)
  • Whole30 Forever? (Paleo forever?)
  • Primal v Paleo

Our awesome t-shirts and tank tops are in! We’ll be handing these out at/after VERSUS this Sunday, May 25th. If you’re unable to make it, your shirt will be at your primary gym to pick up. Potluck is on hold for now as there are many people out of town. Let’s plan for a happy hour gathering in the next week or two! Have a wonderful weekend.. see you guys at the gym!

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