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[Late] Final Friday

The weekend is here! The gym challenge is officially over on Sunday, May 25th (but for the majority of you guys, probably sooner)! Just because you don’t have to check in with anyone anymore doesn’t mean your journey in healthy eating is over! Like we’ve mentioned in earlier posts or perhaps into individual e-mails, you guys have done an amazing job and we hope that you’ve attained new and better cooking habits to maintain through out your lifetime.

You may be thinking…. the challenge is over, now what? 

It may take some more time to fine tune what works best for you. Did you feel energized through out the challenge? Did you still feel like you could have eaten more? Is the version you’ve done of ‘clean eating’ maintainable and can you improve it? Did you lose too much weight or didn’t lost any? Do you feel like you understand what eating fresh food is without having to ask ‘is that Paleo?’ If you feel like you still haven’t dialed it in, keep trying and try new things. Reach out to us if you’re not sure where to start. Here are a handful of suggestions on what to do after a challenge like ours: 

  • if you’d like, slowly reintroduce dairy, grainers, sugar, processed foods back into your meals. Maybe you’d like to incorporate Greek yogurt back or some cheese back in your burgers or salads. Maybe you want to enjoy mashed potatoes instead of sweet potatoes or maybe enjoy a glass of milk just because. Just be sure to add it back little by little and take note of how you feel during/afterward. I have heard and experienced what it’s like to go on a strict nutrition challenge and thought that “celebrating” with foods I hadn’t had in a long time was a good idea. It’s not! Don’t throw away all of the hard work and commitment you put into this with one huge meal or full weekend of binging.
  • be okay with having slips and try not to refer to those slips as “cheat” meals. You’ve gotta enjoy life and you probably won’t be enjoying life a ton if you become upset over a bite (or two) of cake or a non-pronounceable ingredient listed in an item you buy.
  • get back on it! it’s a slippery slope after eating that “one” french fry.. it turns into two, three, or four and then escalates into day after day of not prepping your meals and eating out. maybe that’s what your lifestyle is like – eating out often – but now you can make good food decisions and you can always get back to cooking and prepping your meals . . it makes sense financially.
  • depending on your goals, consider a whole30 down the line.
  • Life After Whole30 (this applies to Paleo too)
  • Whole30 Forever? (Paleo forever?)
  • Primal v Paleo

Our awesome t-shirts and tank tops are in! We’ll be handing these out at/after VERSUS this Sunday, May 25th. If you’re unable to make it, your shirt will be at your primary gym to pick up. Potluck is on hold for now as there are many people out of town. Let’s plan for a happy hour gathering in the next week or two! Have a wonderful weekend.. see you guys at the gym!

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

It’s time to start thinking about your post-challenge goals. This transitionary period can be tricky! A few tips I want to share…

1. Pick two.

Think about the adjustments you made over the course of the nutrition challenge. Did you swap out cow’s milk for coconut milk in your morning coffee? Did you give up dairy products all together? Making small, incremental changes to your nutrition is more sustainable and realistic than a total revamp of years of eating habits. Choose one or two changes you’ve made and adopt them for the long-haul!

2. Incorporate “mini-challenges.”

Plan a two, five, or seven day challenge if you begin to slip away from the perimeters of a healthy diet. It doesn’t necessarily take four weeks to remind yourself of the benefits of better nutrition!

3. Continue learning.

Tweak your macronutrients! Do you feel better when you eat more fat and less protein or vice versa? Vary your food intake and try new foods. Pay attention to how your body feels and you will continue to dial in better nutrition. Talk to fellow athletes about their experience during the challenge. Read books and blogs. Ask questions!


My hope is that you continue to nourish your body well. Eat fresh produce from the local farmer’s markets and enjoy warm summer barbecues. You’ve put in a lot of effort this past month- continue making progress towards your lifelong health and fitness goals!




Hump day! Almost to the weekend, almost to the end of our challenge. Hopefully you guys will keep up your newfound (or normal) routine in eating clean. Finding a good balance is the key here. Time to do a little reflecting. Think about where you struggled. Was it really that hard? Were you able to overcome it? What came out of it? What have you noticed with your energy, sleep, recovery, performance in the gym/activities? Did you have an overall good or bad experience and why? What do you think you could have done better? What do you think we could have done better? Do you have plans or goals to continue eating the way you do?

A handful of us are watching Fed Up tonight at 9:15pm at the Varsity Theater on the Ave. There is an earlier showing at 7:10pm if the later showing doesn’t work for your schedule (Amy K. will be at that showing). Join us if you can!

A testimonial from one of our athletes (on hiatus), Danny G. (2012)

“My food testimony.

My Whole30 challenge was a remarkable experience with a thousand little caveats I could cover.  I mean, I definitely lost some weight, I got an energy boost, I ate 5,000 coconuts, I improved gym performance etc etc. But I think what was most surprising was the heightened awareness I gained of my social and emotional draws to eating.  And I thought I might focus on that for the intents and purposes of this testimonial.

So let me start by saying that probably the #1 reason I avoided any kind of diet in the past is because I was worried about becoming  “that person.”  Or at least that’s what I often hear others call it –”that person” who says they can’t eat the delicious (or not so delicious) meal you just prepared for them because they are too vegan, too allergic, too something.  I grew up learning to clean my plate whether I liked it or not.  In the two years I lived in the Philippines I prided myself on eating all of NOT my favorite foods like duck fetus and pig’s blood surprise (side note: there is not enough sprite in the world to wash down pig’s blood surprise) –just so I would be a respectable guest.  Like many of us overly sensitive types, I often become annoyingly invested in not hurting other’s feelings.  So I’ve stuck with that, and for a long time I’ve just ate (and drank) mindlessly with the crowd.  Ironically this way of being probably played some part in why I chose to participate in the Whole30 challenge.  So many people around the gym were doing it.  And never to be the one without an invitation to the party, I thought it might be fun to give it a try.

Like 3 days after I signed up for the challenge we had that big January snowstorm in Seattle.  My friends decided to celebrate with pizza,  Hot Toddys and drunken winter walks through the park. I packed a thermos of hot tea and some almonds and trudged my way over to the festivities.  When I showed up, my friends were relatively supportive, although definitely a little confused as to why I was doing this to myself during this magical snow week (and couldn’t I just put it off another week so I could enjoy myself?).   It was torture to watch them eat with reckless abandon.  At the risk of sounding dramatic, I honestly don’t know how I got through that night. My almonds tasted like sand, and as the night progressed their laughter got louder and I got exhausted.  I ended up heading home around 9:30pm feeling sorry for myself.

The next 2 weeks went similarly to that night. I found myself avoiding a lot of social events or just leaving early when I would go.  One thing that was really helpful was to read the experience of other CrossFitters who were participating in the challenge.  Many of their experiences were similar to how I felt and I started allowing myself to really process what was going on for me.  And I have to say, that once I allowed myself to really THINK about what was going on — well, It was simply profound to observe the many eating habits I’ve developed over the years.  For example, I realized my tendency to order out when I’m tired from work or hadn’t packed a lunch.  I found that I had neglected cooking skillsets (my food processor had missed me!!!).  Most significantly I became painfully aware of HOW MUCH I WANT TO EAT WHEN I’M BORED. The more these things came to light the more powerful I felt, and the more I would post on our little Whole30 challenge email chain.  People talk about their emotional attachments to food all the time, but I really didn’t ever see how much it pertained to me specifically.

I simply can’t neglect to mention the support of my awesome partner who played a huge role in my success.  He put up with a lot of irritability and prepared many Whole30 approved foods when it was his turn to cook.  By week 3 all the payoffs you read about in many of the other testimonies began to happen for me.  And I was learning so much about myself.

So also sometime after the 3rd week a particular group of friends wanted to go get sushi.  Because I was starting to feel really excited about the progress I was making, I decided to join in.  It was a completely different experience from snow week.  I walked into the evening committed to what experience I was going to have that night.  I knew the foods I wanted to order, the mood I wanted to put out and I challenged myself to enjoy connecting to the people around me more than the food I ate or drank.  And it totally worked.  I had a wonderful evening.  My friends had observed my commitment to the program over the weeks and were accustomed to the fact that I would be doing my own thing at the dinner table.  In retrospect I believe they just needed some time to meet the new Danny.  And I also had the thought that of course my friends wanted me to feel successful in my goals.  I just hadn’t made any before! As I walked home that night with my sober and energetic mind I thought: wow. I HAVE BECOME “THAT PERSON” AND IT’S NOT SO BAD!!!

So fast forward to today and I have to admit that I feel like I’m writing this testimony somewhere closer to the middle of my journey in figuring out my food relationshit (typo and it stays) issues and the foods I’m okay with eating.   And that is okay, because I imagine that some others out there might be right there with me.   I do know, thanks to the challenge that the end goal for me will have a great deal to do with moderation and mindfulness in all foods I consume.  To some extent I knew that before I started, but now I actually have an experience that helps me  understand what that looks like and the amount of discipline that is required to achieve it. And that newfound understanding was the most amazing gift to give to myself!

Best to all of you in your food discoveries!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nom Nom Tasty Tuesday


I know I’ve shared a ton of Michelle Tam’s recipes (or at least I feel like I have) but I couldn’t help myself in sharing this one. I found this recipe through her iPad app during my first Whole30 and absolutely loved it. Mushrooms aren’t really my thing so I left that ingredient out and then subbed kelp noodles for yam noodles since that was the only clean package of “noodles” that I found at Central Market / Uwajimaya.


  • 1 small onion, minced in a mini-prep food processor
  • 5 cloves of garlic, minced
  • ½ pound of cremini mushrooms, thinly sliced
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 pound grass fed ground beef
  • 1 cup of organic broccoli slaw
  • 6 ounce package of pre-washed organic baby spinach leaves
  • 1 package of kelp noodles, rinsed with water and drained (yam noodles)
  • 1-2 tablespoons coconut vinegar
  • 1-2 tablespoons coconut aminos
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 1-2 tablespoons of Red Boat Fish Sauce

Click the photo to get to the cooking instructions! I’ve never been let down with this recipe though I do think that meat to noodle ratio is a little off. You can add more meat or noodles depending on your preferences! Would highly recommend her book Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans if you don’t already have it. She’s hilarious, has great photos, and super simple recipes.

What have been your favorite go-to recipes during the challenge? Please share! 

Last Week!

Good Monday Morning!

You did it… you made it to the last week of the challenge! Just think.. seven more days! Just take it one day at a time. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and of your efforts as well. Take some time to reflect on your journey through out the challenge. Did you discover habits you didn’t know you had? Were they good or bad? Perhaps you developed new [better] habits? What have you learned and benefitted from by participating in the challenge? Hopefully they’ve all been good things that you’ll incorporate into your lives beyond the challenge.

Guess what your challenge is this week? TO MAKE IT TO THE END. 🙂


The Facebook event to see the Fed Up film is up! Click HERE to check it out! Invite your friends!


Our t-shirts will be here by the end of the week and will be distributed at the potluck held on Sunday, May 25th! If you won’t be able to make it, your shirt will be available to pick up at your home gym.


Check out this helpful shopping-at-Costco guide for your next meal prep sesh.

Tips for shopping at your local Farmer’s Market
34 Random Cooking Tips (We could always use more of these, yes?)

 Whole30 on the rise!

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Reowned Chef Gets Schooled On Flavor By Farmer

Second to last Friday!

In The ‘Hood

We are well into week three folks!

Perhaps you need a night off from cooking or your weekend was too jam packed to make time for food prep…yet you still want to stick to the guidelines of the challenge. Relax, dining out is an option!

I’ve compiled a list of places locally that will be sure to please your Paleo palette.

Best quick & healthy meal: salad bar at Whole Foods, Metropolitan Market, or PCC Natural Markets.

My “go-to” cuisine: (usually lettuce wrapped) burgers or Mexican food.

Avocado/bacon/deviled eggs from last years’ PaleoRx Iron Chef Potluck! 

Restaurant Recommendations (by neighborhood):

Capitol Hill:

8oz Burger
Capitol Cider (Gluten free menu)
Lil Woody’s
Terra Plata

Uneeda Burger
Dot’s Delicatessean

West Seattle:
Mashiko Sushi

Bitterroot BBQ
Root Table

Brave Horse Tavern (careful of all the beer temptations though!)
Portage Bay Cafe (brunch!)

Local 360
Steelhead Diner

Outside the Box Food Truck

*Sidenote: if you are doing Whole30 for this challenge, I strongly suggest you avoid eating out. The main concern here is cross-contamination; there is no way to be 100% sure that unapproved oils (among other things) aren’t being used to cook your food. Talk to your team leader if you have other questions.

Where do you eat out and eat clean?



Tony’s contribution to PaleoRx2013 Iron Chef Potluck

We’re almost to the finish line guys! You all have been doing an amazing job with this challenge. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and for some of you, we’ve really noticed a huge change with your efforts in the gym. We will be celebrating our success of the challenge with an Iron Chef style potluck over at CrossFit SLU after our 4th VERSUS – around 2pm! There may or may not be Paleo/Whole30 friendly plates there because we are celebrating (with awards to be handed out too)! Speaking of VERSUS. . . . Are you all registered?! If not, register HERE. Rep your gym and win the golden hammer for your gym* 😉 More details regarding our potluck to come!!

Megan K. and Jenny L.’s contribution to PaleoRx2013 Iron Chef Potluck

*technically we’re all one!

Keep it up all! Finish out the challenge strong. Remember what the bigger picture is and be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far.