Tasty Tuesday; Sweet Potato Fettuccine

Sweet Potato Chicken Fettuccine
by Coleena


  • 1.5 tablespoons of Ghee or Butter or coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup of coconut milk or cream. (If you use milk, you’ll need to add tapioca flour to thicken the sauce at the end)
  • 1 long shaped sweet potato
  • Dried basil
  • Salt/pepper
  • Chicken
  • Garlic powder/or fresh garlic


  1. Bake or grill your chicken according to your preference. Set aside to cool.
  2. Using a potato peeler peel the sweet potato skin off. Continue to “shave” pieces of the sweet potato into long “fettuccini noodles”.
  3. In a pan, heat the fat of choice, add the sweet potato “noodles” and cover, saute them occasionally over the next minute and a half until they’re tender, but not mushy.
  4. Add coconut milk/cream
  5. Add plenty of garlic powder, tiny bit of salt, pepper to taste.
  6. Add the basil.
  7. Enjoy!


This recipe is pretty universal. You can leave the chicken out and add your own side of greens and/or protein. Picture above is of the “noodles” with asparagus and grilled shrimp!

Post Star Wars Day; Weekly Challenge 2!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great first week and first weekend on the challenge. The first week(end) is usually always the hardest because it takes your body some time (about a week or more) to get used to any nutritional change. Not to mention the social aspect of weekends! Your body goes through a withdrawal of all of the sugars and “ingredients” in processed foods during the first week which can result in experiencing headaches, grumpiness, and fatigue. It’s smooth sailing after the first week though, so keep truckin’ along! Did you guys still feel hungry through out your day? It may be because you don’t have enough fat in your meal. Think about adding some healthy fats into your meals. What are healthy fats? Here are a few examples: coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, grass-fed meat fat, grass-fed butter. It could also mean that you might not have eaten enough through out your day. Check out this TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) calculator [write up] by Eat To Perform.

Eat To Perform – TDEE Calculator NPR,
Rethinking Fat
Calories in Nuts
*peanuts are considered a legume and not Paleo.


How did you guys feel when you were working out in the gym? Weekly Challenge 2  Who loves sweet potatoes?! The starchy root vegetable is a great alternative to the white potato and it’s packed with calcium, potassium, and vitamins. There are many ways to enjoy and prepare sweet potatoes; roast, bake, fry, puree, steam, grill, mash. . . and the combinations are endless! This week we’re challenging you to come up with your own sweet potato recipe and share it!

Here’s an example:

Follow Friday; May 2nd!

Thank you for your patience with the errors that came up regarding the website earlier this week! Thankfully it wasn’t anything too crazy and something we were able to fix right away. Before we get to our Follow Friday post, we have some notes for you:

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  • BBQ; Impromptu BBQ potluck for CHAMPAGNE FRIDAY… except without the champagne for some of us. Coleena decided to grill it up over at CrossFit SLU tonight starting at 5pm. Feel free to bring something to share/grill!
  • May the Fourth Be With You; Andrew would like to remind you all that it is STAR WARS day on Sunday, May 4th. We’ll be watching the original series this Sunday at Foundation CrossFit starting at 2pm. As always, please feel free to bring friends/family and some food to share.


We have been so lucky to have awesome weather this week! Hopefully it’s a preview of what’s to come this summer. Follow Fridays will [mostly] have links to articles from folks we follow some extra info to share! Let us know if you’ve got some questions or interested in anything particular. . post those in the comments below!

If you aren’t already, check out Michelle T. at Nom Nom Paleo! She is a mama of two and a pharmacist who works the graveyard shift. I have been following her for the past couple of years and got to meet her earlier this year. She’s just as hilarious and witty in person as she is through her blog. She’s got an awesome iPad app and a really really great cookbook. There is a copy at FCF if you’d like to browse through, otherwise check it out on Amazon!


Food For Thought:
The Veggie Cheat Sheet
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The Cheap Way to Avoid Chemicals in Your Food
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Tips for eating out:
18 Tips for Eating Out Like A Paleo Pro
Robb Wolf’s Dining Out Guide
Whole9 Life’s Guide to Dining Out

Paleo Salad Dressings
Sweet Potato Bun Part 1
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Did you guys know that there’s a smoothie named after Zeb?

Thursday Check In!


Whew! We are few days into the challenge and let’s be honest, changing dietary habits can elicit quite the shock, physically and emotionally. Let’s talk about a couple things before the weekend rolls around…

1. You may feel terrible. After three full days of clean eating you’d expect to get a taste of some of benefits of your hard work, right?! Well, it might take some time. Your body is working hard to adapt to a new food regime- more protein and fewer carbs as fuel. Internally, your digestive system is adjusting to breaking down more vegetables and gut bacteria is experiencing quite the shock!

Give your body some time. The intense cravings for carbs (sugar!) will subside. Getting through week one is the toughest part- but don’t give up quite yet. Get some extra sleep and drink more water. Take workouts easier. This is normal. Keep up the hard work!

You can read more about the detoxification process here. Chris Kresser also provides some insightful info in his e-book and on his blog.

2. TGIAF (Thank Goodness It’s Almost Friday). Are you worried about eating clean this weekend? Social activities and entertainment can be uncomfortable if you are trying to eat clean and limit alcohol. In addition, many of us like to kick-back on the weekends and take a break from cooking.

Have a plan of attack! If you are planning to consume adult bevvys, put a limit on it. Drink extra water. Stick to tequila and red wine. When I am trying to tighten up my diet, I like to order “fancy water”. Soda water and whatever herbs and fruit a bartender has on hand can be a delicious alternative! If you don’t want to do any cooking until Sunday (meal prep!), be creative with what you have on hand (refrigerator clean-out anyone?) and what requires minimal effort, like a giant frittata for breakfast all weekend!


From Our Community; Long N.

Happy Hump Day Ya’ll! We hope that this week has been going well for you all so far. We’re almost to the weekend! Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing articles by someone within our community. For this first week, I asked my friend Long to write a little something to share how he manages cooking Paleo meals for himself in his busy schedule as a physician. I’ve always found his meals to be super creative and artistic (based on the photos he shares on his Instagram) and I bet the food tastes as good as they look! Long has been an athlete with us for over three years and you can usually find him in the evening classes at FCF. Check it out!

long ribeye

“You want me to not eat rice? That sounds ridiculous. And impossible.

The first time I heard about the Paleo diet, I equated to it as the fastest way to make my Vietnamese mother disown me by not eating her delicious noodle dishes or ginormous rice platters. Can you imagine me telling my mother to bring me the pho without the noodles? = immediate stank eye.

I first heard of and started the Paleo diet around May 2012. I was doing CrossFit at FCF for a good year already and had been fighting for as long as possible to not put myself through the presumptive misery. I guess at that point, I was ready for a change in my life and nutrition. I was finishing 11 non-stop years of becoming a physician. For the first time, I was about to have a normal week day schedule and not be on call or do weekly all nighters to study for exams. Or perhaps I had just broken up with my ex boyfriend and lost my mind and wanted to go low carb. (You’ve been there. I know.)

Anyway, that’s a whole ‘nother story. What turned out to be a month “trial” or “challenge” turned into a nutritional lifestyle change for me. Even before the Paleo challenge, I was a decent and healthy home cook; but Paleo forced me to be more creative with my cooking ingredients and to pay more attention to the details of the foods I was consuming. It helped me cut out daily consumptions of high glycemic index carbohydrates such as white rice, breads, pastas, and sugars and to incorporate more vegetables, low glycemic index starches, and more healthy fats and protein. The Paleo challenge turned out to not just be a mental, sensory and physical challenge but also a culinary experience.

2 years after switching to the Paleo lifestyle

2 years after switching to the Paleo lifestyle


However, I think the hardest part isn’t so much the entire month of Paleo, but what happens afterwards. How we continue to thrive on a wholesome, balanced healthy diet on a day to day basis is the biggest challenge of all. I work from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm four days a week. I’m an on-site young professional like most of you at the gym. I sympathize and empathize with all of you regarding how difficulty it is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. After a long day at work, and dragging your ass to the gym, all you want is a fucking burger and fries. Is that too much to ask? As your friend: NO, As your doctor: depends on how many burgers a week.

Sheena (heyyyy boo) asked me to write this article to touch on how I manage to work a full time job, do evening CrossFit, and cook myself healthy meals consistently. The truth is: there is no easy way. Maintaining a healthy and strong physique takes time, planning and dedication.

Paleo? AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! One of the biggest issues with healthy eating is TIME. TIME TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING, TIME TO COOK, TIME TO CLEAN. I’m exhausted writing all that already. I always take time to go grocery shopping at least 2 times per week. It’s a part of my weekend and mid-week ritual. Time and planning go hand in hand. I usually plan my meals for the week in 2-3 day intervals since I do not like to eat left overs after 3 days. (I know, what kind of Asian am I?).

Here are a cluster of tips:
1. I buy all my veggies at the beginning of the week. If kept in the right environment, most vegetables can last up to 5-7 days. I try to buy veggies that I can easily throw olive oil/ salt & pepper on and throw in the oven and walk away such as: cauliflower, broccolini, sweet potatoes, asparagus, brussels sprouts. I always have a pre-washed bag/ box of leafy greens that I can sauté or make a salad out of really quick. Avocados, lemons, radishes are must haves for garnish, texture, color and flava.

2. Get a slow cooker. It will save your life. Spend 15 minutes prepping ingredients the night before. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. Throw everything that you need in the slow cooker. Come home to a healthy 30 minute meal. Where you at Rachel Ray?

3. The oven is your friend. Roast as much as you can. It is a healthy form of cooking that does not require much baby sitting. You can usually roast your protein and veggies together.

4. To save time, frustration and prevent bad tasting food, learn how to properly cook your proteins and veggies. Know the best cooking temperatures and cooking time for your favorite proteins/ veggies. I suggest doing some google research and writing it down.

5. Make breakfast after dinner. Like most of you, I don’t like waking up 30 minutes extra to prepare breakfast every morning. I try to prepare some form of breakfast in the evening to last for 2-3 days. Paleo breakfast muffins, frittata, or sausage/sweet potato/kale hash are all great ideas.

6. Always plan to cook enough food to pack for lunch, so that you won’t be strolling up to the nearest Taco Time or Panda Express.

7. Learn how to make delicious, healthy marinades, purees, dressings so that you food won’t taste bland and repetitive. Master these viscous fluids.

8. Get a Costco membership. You can save time and money by buying good quality veggies, protein, avocados, olive oil, and almond milk in bulk.

9. Invest in glass containers. Trust me, they make a big difference in packing, storing and reheating your food.

10. I always sacrifice 30 min to an hour of my day to make sure that I have something healthy to eat.

long lamb


Eating healthy and preparing meals is a lot of work; however I look at it as an investment in my future. We spend so much time investing in our jobs, other people, saving money, and material things that the norm is no longer taking time to invest in our health and bodies. This is a piece of advice that I give my patients on a daily basis. I hope that the Paleo challenge not only open up your minds to healthy ways of eating but also prove to you the importance of taking time out each day or week to enrich your health for the present and future.

Tasty Tuesday; Ginger Chicken!

Ginger Chicken by Coleena – Paleo and Whole30 Approved

On really busy days, the thought of dinner can be extremely daunting. Are my ingredients compliant? Can I make this quickly? Do I have to use every single dish and appliance I own?

The answer is no! Sticking to a Paleo diet doesn’t have to be plain. This recipe for ginger chicken is extremely adaptable. You can add flavors to it and keep out the ginger if you’re not a fan. You can use this in lettuce wraps, as a salad topping, in your paleo tortillas. Add vegetables and eat it like a stir fry.

1-2 TBSP Coconut oil
1″ piece of ginger, chopped
1-2 garlic cloves, chopped or sliced
1/4 medium onion, chopped or sliced
water chestnuts 
1-2 chicken breasts, chopped in to smaller pieces
3 TBSP Coconut Aminos
salt and black pepper to season
tapioca flour 1 tsp at a timeVARIATIONS:Add orange peel or juice for Orange Chicken.
Make this with beef or pork instead of chicken

Where to buy ingredients:
Most of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery. However coconut aminos and tapioca flour may prove to be more elusive. You can find coconut aminos at Central Co-Op, Whole Foods or Amazon.com. Tapioca flour can be found at Whole Foods as well, but the better bang for your buck is at your local Asian store. The local Viet Wah on 12th and Jackson in the International District is a great place to purchase tapioca flour/starch for 99 cents per bag. Tapioca starch is a great replacement for small amounts of cornstarch in many recipes. It acts as a thickener.


GINGER CHICKEN from Coleena on Vimeo.