The Intent of this Challenge

We are putting on this challenge to help you make more conscious decisions about the foods you put in your body. Though we have always called it a “Paleo” challenge, we encourage you to think of this as eating real food for 30 days. While we are hoping that you will be more aware of your food choices we are also looking to minimize insulin levels.

Over the years we realize that we can’t always satisfy everyone’s needs or expectations. We are all unique and nutrition is not the same for everyone. Please take into consideration your personal goals in this Challenge, and try to understand the steps you are taking to achieve those goals.

We are aiming to help you achieve balanced insulin and hormone levels by avoiding processed foods and by choosing to eat foods that have a lower glycemic index. Foods with a lower glycemic index will allow stored body fat to burn as fuel, whereas high-glycemic foods tell your body to do just the opposite. This causes insulin spikes (as well as sugar crashes) which then signals our bodies to store calories as fat and stops our bodies from using body fat as fuel.

The rules of our Challenge are not the rules of the world and it should be understood that it is just one particular stance we are taking based on the best information we have available. We’re excited to share our knowledge about what to eat, how/what to cook, challenge friendly dining options, etc. We’ve spent tons of time doing the research to help you make informed decisions and we will continue to do so throughout the Challenge. We hope that you’ll give this your best shot!