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by smohr || [comment_count post_id=1062]

9 water, coffee
10 three eggs, a few carrots & almond butter
*strength & midline accessory work
130p beef/carrots/cabbage & olives (hangry)
545 two hard-boiled eggs
815p isernio’s sausage (1.5), shredded carrots, olives
1030 two glasses of red wine & cinnamon almonds

Sleep:8 hours

Had to cut my workout short because I was starving! Mark said I looked like I was going to pass out during squats. Whoops.

Still trying to keep the fruit to a minimum.

I was in SF all weekend. I did pretty well with food choices. Alcohol is to blame for most of the damage. One scoop of ice cream and a chocolate peanut butter dessert. Ate amazing sushi and bun-less burgers. Ran the Bay to Breakers 12k!


by smohr || [comment_count post_id=1003]

945 water
10 12oz shot in the dark
11 two eggs, half avo & some yam
145 carrots and almond butter
530 salad with veggies, sausage, avo
*strength & conditioning
10 1/2 grilled chicken breast, grilled sweet potato, grilled zucchini, spinach salad, big beer.

Sleep:6 hours

Figaro sour beer from Cascade Brewing Company. So effing good.


by smohr || [comment_count post_id=1002]

1045 water
11 coffee
12p two eggs, half avo
145 two celery stalks w/almond butter; smoothie- kale/spinach/juice from 1 orange
4 small salad with steak and 1/4 avocado
5 baby carrots
*strength & conditioning
7 steak and yam (thanks for the correction)
10 1.5 beers, 1 glass wine, and a couple handfuls of popcorn

Sleep:8 hours

05/14/14: Day 16

by Brent Bohan || [comment_count post_id=996]

I woke up super early because I was really hungry and decided to eat a ton. I started with some paleo pizza pockets in the microwave. I hate about six of them. For lunch I was some fastfood so I went to Dicks and had five cheeseburgers (extra cheese and bun) with a large basket of french fries. For dinner I had paleo pizza salad which is just basically pizza with lettuce on it. I washed eight of those down with three 2 liter paleo pepsis. Took a sugar nap. Got up consumed another paleo pizza salad and had some cheesecake.

Sleep:7 hours

05/13/14: Day 15

by Brent Bohan || [comment_count post_id=987]

7:30 am (breakfast): bacon, eggs, banana
snack: almonds
1:00 pm (lunch): clams with bacon and chili oil. Halibut salad with beets, lettuce, red onions
snack: walnuts, apple
6:00 pm: crossfit
7:30 pm: leftover meatballs (3)
9:00 pm: carrots, baked chicken, broccoli.

Sleep:7 hours

Picture of me and my sister at her graduation.

05/13/14 Testosterone Tuesday

by Isaac Mostov || [comment_count post_id=969]

7:30 handful blueberries, eggs, bacon, hash browns
10:30 ground beef, mixed greens, sweet potato
1:30 turkey, rice, Swiss cheese, avocado
7:30 protein shake, apple, orange, sweet potato
9:30 salad with chicken + turkey bacon, blackberries
10:30 protein shake mixed with milk, then mindlessly shoveled spoonfuls of almond butter into my mouth while watching highlights from Regionals

Sleep:8 hours

Energy was elevated and balanced all day. It felt good. Had some weightlifting PRs to boot. I think I found a sweet spot in terms of macronutrient balance today.

05/12/14: Day 14

by Brent Bohan || [comment_count post_id=963]

7:30 am (breakfast): Chicken sausage with 2 scrambled eggs

Snack: apple, banana

1:30 pm (lunch): Didn't have time to prepare my own because of traveling the night before. So I ate at Buy Local. They make local food that is specifically Paleo friendly. I had spicy curry chicken which had cauliflower, chicken, carrots and spices. I ate it with a side of beets, carrots and onions.

6:00 pm: Crossfit

8:00 pm (dinner): I made three meat meatballs: ground turkey, lamb, beef with tomato sauce and onion and garlic. I had a side of broccoli and carrots with brussels sprouts chips (the leafs were removed and baked with oil).

Sleep:7 hours

I didn't eat enough, especially with a max out Crossfit day. I also am a little behind because I have not had time to get food to prepare for the coming week because of traveling. I should be able to remedy that on Tuesday.

05/11/14: Day 13: Travel Day 5

by Brent Bohan || [comment_count post_id=962]

9:00 am (breakfast): Steak and 3 scrambled eggs with mom!!!

Snack: Apple

1:30 pm (lunch): steak and 3 scrambled eggs, again.

Snack: almonds

5:30 pm (dinner): two lamb shish kababs, tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash with onions.

7:00 pm: flight home, at an apple on the plane

9:00 pm PST (dinner, kind of): baked chicken with steamed broccoli.

Sleep:6 hours

It is tough to maintain this diet/challenge while traveling for so long. I think by the end my sister and mom were slightly irritated. But whatever. I only drank a couple nights and didn't have any beer so I consider that a win.


by smohr || [comment_count post_id=961]

7 water!
730 coffee
815 a few pecans
945/10 two eggs, half avo, half sweet potato
1230 quarter red bell pepper
130 iced espresso
3 salad- green leaf, cucumber, carrot, radish, green onion, olives, 6oz canned salmon
545 half sweet potato
830 leftover ice espresso
10 (late dinner @ 8oz) burger w/lettuce “bun”, sweet potato tots, 2 beers, 1 whiskey

Sleep:6 hours

Breakfast kept me full for a long time today. Just lifted at the gym, it was 8p by the time I got there.

5/12/14 First day in the 3rd week!

by Sheena Camagong || [comment_count post_id=952]

Excited for this 3rd week. Feeling pretty good.. and most of all, really happy that I haven't been spending money on eating out. Bonus: feeling slimmer!

breakfast: two scrambled eggs, strawberry/peach smoothie
lunch: left over chicken
snack: apple
dinner: BLT sammich

Sleep:8 hours