Team Coleena

Wed 5/22

by Margaret || [comment_count post_id=1070]

0730: eggs+avocado, coffee

1130: shredded chicken+avocado w/ green salsa, steamed cauliflower/broccoli, kale salad

1400: nectarine

1900: roast chicken, home fries, fruit salad (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry), white wine

2100: sunflower seeds

Sleep:7 hours

I have to admit, I feel pretty awesome. I did not meet my goal of drinking less alcohol (but frankly, I don't really mind too much). I didn't eat gluten and ate pretty rock solid paleo (except my normal cheats of potatoes, popcorn and alcohol). I'm really glad I got back into meal planning at the beginning of the week. It just makes my life during the week so much more simple. Its good to be reminded of what a useful exercise food journaling is - it's so eye opening to see it all written down! And I picked up some useful kitchen hacks along the way (I love the onion/garlic/shallot in a paper bag!)

Tue 5/20

by Margaret || [comment_count post_id=1060]

830: eggs+avocado, apricots, coffee

1400: shredded chicken+green salsa+avocado, steamed broccoli/cauliflower

1700: dried mango

2000: steak, kale salad, baked potato, grilled zucchini, white wine

I didn't pack my normal serving of fruit to go with my lunch today and man, did I feel it! I was craving everything by 3pm - even the package of mike n' ikes sitting in the kitchen at work looked good and I don't even like that kind of candy. I didn't realize how much I was dependent on that little bit of sugar in the afternoon!

Sleep:7 hours

Mon 5/19 + catchup

by Margaret || [comment_count post_id=1048]

0830: eggs+avocado, banana, coffee

1400: leftover pot roast, steamed broccoli/cauliflower, blueberries

1700: Dom's leftover thai food (beef phad thai), a couple pieces of dried mango

2000: vegetarian curry over rice (mostly garbanzo beans and cauliflower)

I got home from work and was starving and there were plenty of paleo options in the fridge that would have taken no prep, but Dom's leftover thai food was definitely the most appealing thing in the fridge. So I ate it. No regrets. It was delicious.

We brought over dinner to some friends who just had a baby. They are vegetarians and I didn't feel like trying to figure out a paleo/vegetarian meal that had protein for them, so I just went with chickpea curry. They invited us to eat with them and even though I'd already gorged myself on thai food, I had some. Apparently I make a pretty good chickpea curry - it was tasty! Slept horribly Sunday night.

Didn't log my food over the weekend, but my weekend was really boring, working a booth at Regionals. I ate my standard breakfast of eggs/avocado and banana and then I just made a big batch of shredded chicken and kale salad to last me for the weekend. My lunches for all 3 days consisted of shredded chicken, avocado, baby carrots, kale salad and some type of fruit (either apple or grapefruit). I don't remember what I ate for dinners ... Saturday and Sunday were paleo, Friday we went out for nachos and I had a hard cider.

I wish Dom hadn't bought the dried mango from Trader Joes. Once I start, I can't stop eating it.

Sleep:5 hours

5/19/2014 coasting

by Gaylin Roberts || [comment_count post_id=1043]

Breakfast: left over spaghetti squash and spicy chicken sausage

Lunch: coconut yogurt with walnuts, raspberries, and coconut flakes

Snack: 1/4 avocado. 6 almonds.

Dinner: steak and 2 eggs.

Sleep:8 hours

Ironically I've been having an easier time on the weekends this past couple weeks than the work week. Maybe because I've been spending my Friday nights prepping weekend meals and snacks. I really miss a bowl of rice and a little cake here and there, but atleast I know KNOW I can cut out the bad stuff if I want to. I don't need it, but also I think I've gone through some really tough days during this challenge and have willed myself not to "give in." I also realized life happens and sometimes I need to listen to my body....but for the sake of the challenge, I have stuck to the rules 100%. No cheats. No sneak treats. Maybe I shouldn't be so extreme about it, in it it wouldn't be a challenge if it were easy right?

Things I will take away- reducing grains by a lot when they're unnecessary. But I'm going to have a slice of pizza if I want on occasion. Cutting out dairy in my coffees. I've really enjoyed adding a splash of almond milk or hemp milk into my americanos. All the creamy goodness without the stomach ache! Who-hoo!

I'm excited for my all time summer favorite: sticky rice with coconut milk and mango. Just a week away.

I'm over it today. Can you tell?

05/15/2014: good day!

by Megan Kercher || [comment_count post_id=1008]

Breakfast: black coffee
Morning: macadamia nuts and raisins
Lunch: eggs with mushrooms, kimchi, lots of blackberries
Post workout: protein and almond milk
Dinner: remade that awesome curry! so good. also lots of baby carrots

Sleep:8 hours

Wed 5/14

by Margaret || [comment_count post_id=1000]

0830: egg+avocado+salsa, banana, coffee

1230: buffalo chicken meatloaf, steamed broc/cauliflower, grapefruit

1900: 2 burger patties (w/ mayo, pickle, avocaodo spinach), sweet potato "fries", strawberries, 1 gluten free beer

Sleep:8 hours

5/14/14 paleo halal BBQ fun in the sun

by Gaylin Roberts || [comment_count post_id=999]

Yesterday I knew we were hosting a BBQ so I kept my good earlier in the day pretty light....cause I didn't hold back once we fired up the grille.

Breakfast black coffee

Lunch: kale salad with a tiny bit of grilled chicken we go:
Glass of red wine
Halal beef hot dog
8 oz halal steak
1/2 halal hamburger patty
Slices of tomato and avocado
1 paleo coconut macaroon

Sleep:8 hours

Heading towards the end of the 3rd week I am SO surprised I haven't cheated. It's pretty cray. I think I even lost a pound of fat! Woot woot.

The sugar monster has been tamed.

05/13/2014: feeling good!

by Megan Kercher || [comment_count post_id=995]

Breakfast: black coffee, 1/2 banana, 1/2 plantain fried in coconut oil, scoop of almond butter
Mid-day: beer, handful of almonds
Afternoon: protein with almond milk+splash of coconut milk, strawberries, the other half of the plantain
Post workout: salmon, leftover bok choy, small sweet potato with butter, baby carrots
Late night: macadamia nuts with raisins

Sleep:8 hours

The sun took so much out of me! Back to one real meal, I was feeling protein un-inspired today.

Tue 5/13

by Margaret || [comment_count post_id=985]

0830: Egg scramble (kale, sausage, tomato, salsa, avocado), banana, coffee

1230: buffalo chicken meatloaf, steamed broc/cauliflower, apple

1500: almonds/raisins

1900: pot roast, sweet potato, steamed broc/cauliflower

2100: home popped popcorn

Sleep:7 hours


by Megan Kercher || [comment_count post_id=971]

Oof I fell increasingly off the wagon over the weekend from 80:20 to...pretty not paleo. But I'm back!

Breakfast: black coffee, scrambled eggs, kimchi
Lunch: paleo oatmeal mmmm
Post workout: protein and almond milk
Dinner: leftover flank steak, bok choy, clementine, almonds+cranberries

Sleep:8 hours