Team Julia

05/15: Birthday potluck grilling

by Tony Lau || [comment_count post_id=1020]

11am Brunch: Homegrown ham egg cheese breakfast sandwich on a whole grain bun. Coffee
8pm Dinner: a few cilantro-lime shrimp kebabs with pineapple, some roasted veggies, watermelon, rum&coke

Sleep:8 hours

Not a great day for quantity of food, but it was a busy day. Was running around on work errands all throughout the city, as well as prepping for the grill. It's just a shame that I don't eat much during potlucks, as I'm usually the one tending to the food! Gotta stop doing that!

05/11: Rainy days

by Tony Lau || [comment_count post_id=936]

8am Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bell pepper, bacon, orange juice, coffee
1pm workout @ Kailua CrossFit
2pm: Mai Tai and a Gin coconut pineapple drink
6pm Dinner @ Verde: Mojito, tequila shot, pork adovada enchiladas

Sleep:7 hours

Too many drinks and dehydration led to an early headache and sleep! On the bright side, Verde is an excellent Mexican restaurant on the island!

05/10: Crazy hiking

by Tony Lau || [comment_count post_id=913]

7am: scrambled eggs and sausage, salsa, orange juice, coffee
12pm: 4oz deli turkey breast, 4oz seaweed salad, 8oz ahi tuna poke, coconut water
6pm: roasted chicken wings, strawberry pecan spinach salad, 1 beer
8pm: haupia pie with ice cream

Sleep:7 hours

Waimea Canyon hike:
2.25 miles down 3000ft in elevation, and back up again. The view from the top was amazing. Then we descended down into swampland, filled with mosquitos. The trek back up was terrible, but not as bad on the knees as it was on the way down!

05/09: Paddleboards!

by Tony Lau || [comment_count post_id=898]

8am Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, onion, sausage, bacon, sauteed spinach, orange juice, coffee
12pm Lunch: Tortilla wrap with deli turkey, cheese, avocado spread, some ahi poke
1pm beach: 2 cups of gin&soda
6pm Dinner at Hukilau Lanai: Mai Tai, Sashimi appetizer with seared ono, two pieces foccacia bread, Prime Rib

Sleep:8 hours

05/08: Kayaking!

by Tony Lau || [comment_count post_id=883]

8am workout on the beach!
9am Breakfast: Bacon, scrambled eggs, salad from last night, sausages, orange juice
12pm: Kayaking adventure
2pm: Bagel sandwich with ham
6pm: Chips and salmon poke
8pm: Grilled chicken wings, salad, bourbon&soda

Sleep:7 hours

lunges (per leg)
*300m run in between each round

Kayaking adventure:
2.5 mile kayak up the Wailua River
1 hour hike to the Wailua Falls
and hike and kayak back out

05/07: Beach day

by Tony Lau || [comment_count post_id=881]

9am Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & sausage, salsa, guac, orange juice
12pm Lunch at the beach: Ahi Poke (shoyu, onion, spicy), tostitos, gin&juice
5pm: Frappuchino
8pm Dinner: Grilled drumsticks, spring mix salad with red onion, avocado, tomatoes, corn, cucumber, pineapple, bourbon&soda.
10pm Dessert: Gelato with toasted nuts and pineapple

Sleep:8 hours

Even though this isn't the best eating I've done, it's good to know I've been making better choices, especially when traveling in a group. Not eating out each day, cooking great dinners, etc. On the vacation side of things, that still allows for the occasional drink or sweets, but in the bigger picture, I think I've been doing pretty good.

05/07/2014: The Slump

by Megan || [comment_count post_id=863]

7:00am Mixed berry protein shake
8:30am Top Pot doughnut (whomp whomp)
11:30am Apple with almond butter
2:30pm A bit of chicken curry, a couple brussel sprouts and then roasted mixed greens (just didn't like anything)
3:15pm mini-handful of cajun roasted pumpkin seeds
6:30pm Zoodles Turkey Casserole (

Sleep:7 hours

You know those days you try on outfits and NOTHING looks good on you? That was me and food today. I went through 3 options for lunch before I landed on anything that I could actually get down.


05/06: Beach day

by Tony Lau || [comment_count post_id=842]

7am Breakfast: scrambled eggs, orange juice, coffee, bacon, leftover fajita meat from last night, gin sunrise. Generally a great meal with the exception of the vacation drink.
11am at the beach: gin + mixer
2pm Lunch at Dukes: Mai Tai, smoked pork ribs with slaw, one scoop of rice
6pm: workout at the beach!
8pm Dinner by the pool: Grilled chicken drumsticks, half of a grilled steak, just a few chips & queso, banana, quarter of pineapple, bourbon & ginger. Pretty good for a vacation meal!

Sleep:8 hours

Getting better on the sleep matters. It's amazing how a good night's rest can make you feel. Seems like this is the only place where I can get some rest. (But alas, it's not the place where I can disconnect from it all!)
Workout was:
200m run warmup, DROM, handstand practice
4 rounds with a partner:
20m wheelbarrow
20m burpee broad jumps
20m frog jumps
20m bear crawl

05/06/14: Is it seriously only Tuesday?

by Megan || [comment_count post_id=816]

6:45am 1 cup Mixed berry, coconut milk, protein smoothie
7:00am Crossfit
8:30am 1/2 cup of roasted mixed greens (kale, chard, beets)
9:30am Sweet potato/banana/coconut milk/protein smoothie
11:30am Gala apple with almond butter
1:45pm 2 handfuls of assorted nuts and dried cranberry
2:30pm Chili
4:00pm Green smoothie (kale, spinach, pear, coconut milk)
5:00:pm square of dark chocolate
7:00pm Burger patty with homemade relish and roasted red pepper sauce
8:00pm Chamomile tea

Sleep:7 hours

Woke up sooooooo tired. If it weren't for my hubby I wouldn't have gotten to the gym.

Did pretty well eating minus my square of dark chocolate. Think it might take me a bit to kick those cravings.

05/05: Cinco de womp womp

by Tony Lau || [comment_count post_id=807]

Flying day, San Jose to Lihue:
Airport breakfast, croissant sandwich with ham and egg, cappuchino
Airplane breakfast: mimosa, fruit salad, scrambled eggs and pork tenderloin, coffee w/Baileys (2), portion of a danish, Mai Tai (2), some almonds.
Lunch: Deli turkey slices, one slice of cheese, americano
Happy hour: Margaritas (too many)
Dinner: Fajitas with tortilla.

Sleep:0 hours