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by Amy Kiessling || [comment_count post_id=1078]

Breakfast: one slice frittata,black coffee
AM Snack: Carrots
Lunch: 5 steak bites (not sure how much steak this was, it was not a lot) 1/2 cup corn & black bean salad, (the salad was not paleo, but it was only 1/2 cup worth if even that)
4 cup salad, one small plain sweet potato, 1 nectarine with 1/2 berries & one med. apple
Post WOD food: 5 oz tuna with 1/2 teasp of olive oil and 1/4 raisins and 1 apple Lara bar
PM Snack: almonds

Sleep:8 hours

I ate a lot of food today and I felt better so I know I need to be eating a little more esp. when I maintain the level of working that I have been doing lately. I've been swimming three times a week and CF at least two times a week. Next week I have CF three times so I am going to make a point of adding grain, but only a bit. I'm going with about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of quinoa/ day now that the challenge is winding down.


by Amy Kiessling || [comment_count post_id=1075]

Breakfast: 1 slice frittata with black coffee
AM Snack: carrots and pepper slices plus one large orange
Lunch: 5 oz steak( I think, it wasn't very big, maybe the size of my hand)
4 cup salad, one medium apple
Pre Swim snack: Beef Jerky and handful of almonds
Post Swim snack: one Lara cashew bar
Dinner: one plain sweet potato

Sleep:7 hours

Felt good today and I ate really well, but I am giving myself a three due to the beef jerky. I bought it before seeing the movie Fed UP so didn't think to look at the sugar content - 5 grams. In some ways I'm glad I bought it though b/c it was so gross! I will never be tempted to buy that again.

Week 4

by Lyndsay Castiglia || [comment_count post_id=1073]

Wow my goal this week was to journal everyday and it's now already Thursday! So I have to play catch up. The last few weeks I was so bad about posting, so I'm trying to finish the challenge strong.

Monday 7hrs of sleep
Breakfast- scrambled eggs, tea
Snack- almonds
Lunch- seaweed wrap with crab, cucumber, and green onions. Apple
Snack- more nuts
Dinner- kale salad with apples, walnuts, lemon dressing and sweet potaoe fries

Tuesday 6 hrs of sleep
breakfast- sweet potato hash with apple and zucchini I and friend egg
Snack- pineapple
Lunch- ham and seaweed wrap
Snack- Epic bison bar( these are so good)
Dinner- flank steak with tomato/ basil salad( gave me really bad heartburn) so didn't have a lot Nd went to bed hungry

Wednesday- 7 hrs of sleep
Breakfast- sweet potato hash with fried egg
snack- pineapple
Lunch- salad with veggies, beets, olives, olive oil and lemon
snack- almonds, hard boiled egg, and nectarine
dinner- grilled shrimp peppers with zucchini noodles, and mushrooms, basil/pesto sauce( made with olive oil and no cheese)

Thursday- 6 hrs of sleep
Acia bowl with blueberries, goji berries, coffee
Snack- almonds
Lunch- salad with grilled chicken, lemon dressing, peach
Dinner- veggies, fruit salad, and salad with lemon dressing
( at a meeting so had to pick through what they had)

Sleep:0 hours

I gave my self a three for not recording journals. I know only a few days left but I'm going to keep work on it.


by Amy Kiessling || [comment_count post_id=1067]

Breakfast: 2 slices of frittata - black coffee
AM Snack: carrots and red pepper
Lunch: 4 cup salad, about 1/1/2 cups of chicken stir fry, 1/2 cup roasted zucchini,
PM Snack at work: one med. apple
PM Snack at home before movie handful of almonds, dried apples(natural),
Dinner: 1 plain sweet potato, 1 small apple
close to 64 oz of water

Sleep:7 hours

Felt good today. Still need to get better on my water consumption. I just get so busy I forget to drink water until I'm already thirsty. I even keep a full pitcher at my desk. I used to be so good at drinking at least 3 a day for a 96 oz total.


by Matt Yukes || [comment_count post_id=1061]

2 hard boiled eggs
Paleo granola with coconut beverage

Brisket from OTB with cauliflower rice and broccoli
Paleo chocolate muffin (I think this is the first paleo chocolate thing I've ever had. It was tasty, but definitely a noticeable texture difference from the real deal.) Been craving something sweet or pastry like, so this did it.

Salted Almonds
Cold brew coffee with coconut beverage

Sauteed kale and broccolini
~7 oz of chicken breast, cooked sunday
Hot saaaaaaaaaawse

Sleep:6 hours

Stopped at Bartell's to get some supplies for my weekend at Sasquatch, and picked up some Red Vines. Sorry, challenge, those are going doooooown this weekend.


by Amy Kiessling || [comment_count post_id=1055]

Breakfast: one slice frittata with my last non-paleo chicken sausage/black coffee
AM Snack: carrots
Lunch:one 4 cup salad, 1 cup ground beef, 1 cup roasted zucchini, and one large apple
Last afternoon snack: almonds and some dried apples
Post Swim: one Lara bar (Apple Pie) & very small apple
Dinner: 5 cup salad with 5 oz water packed tuna with 1 tbsp oil and vinegar for dressing.
1/2 cup grapes

Sleep:7 hours

I feel pretty good. I ate my lunch very late and I think that helped with my 7 PM swim, but I was super hungry by the time I finally ate. Might try more healthy snack and push my lunch later. Or maybe spread out my lunch food across more of the afternoon.
Very happy to report that my boss put a box of really good chocolates on my desk and I didn't have one piece!


by Amy Kiessling || [comment_count post_id=1054]

Breakfast: One slice frittata, one chicken sausage (not paleo, but don't want to waste them)
AM Snack: carrots
Lunch: One cup paleo chicken stir fry
4 cup salad, one apple and one Lara bar
1/2 cup ground beef with lettuce, 1 cup roasted broccoli
Snack: Almonds, pepper and cucumber with 1 tbsp humus(not paleo) and dried apples ( all natural - no added sugar)

Sleep:8 hours


by Amy Kiessling || [comment_count post_id=1053]

Breakfast: two slices of frittata (Paleo recipe) and black coffee
One Nectarine
Dinner: one cup chicken stir-fry with veggies (Paleo recipe)
One apple
Bunch of raw carrots
1/2 cup roasted zucchini

Sleep:7 hours

I didn't eat anything bad, just didn't eat a lot. I was on the go and actually never really got hungry. I made a whole bunch of the stir fry for this week and had to make myself eat some. I'm typically eating my dinner right out of the pan as I make it!


by Matt Yukes || [comment_count post_id=1049]

2 hard boiled eggs
paleo granola with coconut milk + black/raspberries

1 cup broccoli
~5 oz chicken, bbq'ed the night before
1/2 avocado

Cold brew coffee
Primal pak
Salted almonds

Mixed green salad with raspberries and a few cashews
~4oz pork tenderloin, bbq'ed the night before
Broiled zuchini and carrots and tofu

Sleep:6 hours

Today was clean, but I wasn't thinking and ate some of the tofu that was in the dish my friend made for dinner. Didn't hit me until I had a few bites that it was offlimits. Oops, small bump. Wasn't able to wake myself to make it the WOD this AM, guess I just needed some extra sleep.


by Amy Kiessling || [comment_count post_id=1042]

One Lara bar - coconut cream before the 9 AM WOD
one orange/black coffee - post WOD
one chicken breast with one cup spinach bulger salad
1 1/2 cup grass fed beef (paleo prepared) with chopped lettuce, 1 cup roasted broccoli
1 apple

Sleep:8 hours

I was not hungry until about 2 pm. Not sure what was up with that. I was happy to see that my BBQ the night before was making me craving all sorts of bad things. I felt good doing the WOD in the morning and even went lap swimming for an hour in the evening.
back on track, but must remember water on the weekend!