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by dave t || [comment_count post_id=1066]

breakfast: hardboiled egg 2 sausages, americano
snack: nuts
lunch: grilled chicken and some slaw
snack: tequila
dinner: meatballs, mushrooms and onions

Sleep:6 hours

I totally fell off journaling the last few days. But I've been sticking with eating right, it's become a routine now. There have been a lot of tests and I haven't relented. I did however have a dream night before last, about eating a massive bowl of ramen, it tasted so good. I've only gone off-ish twice and both were having a little tequila.

I've lost a couple of inches on my belly and am feeling strong. I did a bike route I haven't done in while and damn it was way easier then I remember, uphill all the way too. \m/


by Dave Taylor || [comment_count post_id=1005]

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, Americano
PB Snack: handful of nuts
Lunch: Salad w/ chcicken, hardboiled egg, bacon and vinagrette
Dinner: Chicken Thigh, wing and half a pork chop
Dessert: Blueberries

Sleep:7 hours



by Dave Taylor || [comment_count post_id=1004]

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and sausage, Americano
Lunch: JJ Unwich, Americano
Dinner: Porkchop, asparagus
Dessert: Strawberries and blueberries

Sleep:5 hours

had to take my folks to the airport which cut down on my sleep, I felt it later. oof.


by Rachael Taylor || [comment_count post_id=994]

B: Two scrambled eggs, one piece of bacon. Two cups black tea
L: Small fruit smoothie, handful mixed nuts
S: a few slices salami, coconut water
D: Grilled Pork Steaks with asparagus
S: Fresh blueberries & strawberries with coconut yogurt, toasted pecans & coconut flakes

Sleep:8 hours

Great day food wise. Have to be sure and drink more water!
Off to Palm Springs for a bachlorette weekend so I'm going to try and keep my food in check!


by Rachael Taylor || [comment_count post_id=980]

B: 2 scram eggs and an Americano
L: handful cashews & almonds, half apple with almond butter, small portion of Stir fry leftovers
Stumptown thyme iced tea
S: half apple
D: @ la Spiga: cured meats, spring salad, herb crusted rack of lamb. Glass of Rosé

Sleep:7 hours


by Dave Taylor || [comment_count post_id=968]

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, some salami Americano
PB snack: handful of nuts
Lunch: Jimmy Johns Unwich
PL Snack: handful of nuts
Dinner: some cured meats and veal and grilled artichoke hearts at La Spiga (expensively meh)

Sleep:8 hours

Awesome day today, maybe it was the sunshine. Felt really good during the WOD today, my cleans were greeeeasay


by Rachael Taylor || [comment_count post_id=956]

B: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pork sausages & a cup of black tea
L: apple with almond butter, Olli sausage & small bowl of coconut yogurt with dried cherries & pecans
S: handful cashews & almonds
D: Fajita stir fry: chix thighs, shrimps, pepper, onion & mushroom topped with avocado & salsa

Sleep:7 hours


by Dave Taylor || [comment_count post_id=955]

Breakfast: 2 sausages
PB Snack: nuts and a banana
Snack: Nuts
Dinner: Shrimp, chicken, veggies and avocado

Sleep:7 hours

I fucked up today and let work get in the way of grabbing some lunch. Luckily I had some nuts to get me through, but I totally felt it during the strength part of the WOD today. You can't back squat hungry. Doing Helen felt pretty good though, losing some lbs have made those pullups easier.



by Rachael Taylor || [comment_count post_id=924]

Momma's day off...

B: at Petti Rosso: shared a slice of banana coffee cake, crab cakes with greens & two poached eggs. Coffee and Sangria spritzer. Yum.

S: apple Larabar & hibiscus iced tea

D: two wedges of Ellison's leftover quesadilla & avocado and 1/3 of an apple with almond butter

S: small bowl of Go Raw granola with dried cherries, banana, pecans & coco it flakes with almond milk.

Sleep:8 hours

Was a little naughty today celebrating Mother's Day. Will get back to it tomorrow.


by Dave Taylor || [comment_count post_id=920]

Breakfast: French country breakfast at Pettiroso, (braised brisket, duck confit, roasted vegetables, greens, potatoes and a poached egg ) My favorite breakfast in town and mostly paleo. 2 Americanos

Lunch: Plantain Chips

Dinner: spicy paleo chicken wings, 1/2 apple and almond butter

Sleep:8 hours

I did pretty well today, though I snitched a couple of red potatoes from breakfast. I ain't mad though, it was a small blip and I got right back at it.