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by Daren Brantley || [comment_count post_id=923]

Brunch: 2 eggs, bacon, coffee
Snack: mango, almond-flour chips & salsa
Dinner: 1 pound ribeye, grilled asparagus & peppers, tequila shots 😛

Sleep:9 hours

Big costco trip today! Got a fridge packed full of real food now 😀


by Mark-Anthony Butin || [comment_count post_id=908]

B - 3 eggs, 1/2 an avocado
snack - apple, almonds, walnuts
L - pulled pork, lettuce, beets
snack - yam fries
D - from 8oz: lettuce wrapped chorizo burger (chorizo & veal patty, avocado, fondue cheese, onion, cilantro sour cream), brussel sprouts w/ pancetta

Sleep:5 hours

not enough sleep!

took a lot to not drink a beer when I was at 8oz. so difficult, but I made it!

after the Childish Gambino concert I was hungry so I got a (lettuce wrapped) burger at Lil' Woodys...but I ended up not even eating it..yet.


by Daren Brantley || [comment_count post_id=899]

Breakfast: 2 eggs, mushrooms, bacon
Lunch: shredded pork, greens, sweet potato
Snack: almonds, more pork
Dinner: roasted brussel sprouts w/ mushrooms, Mezcal margarita (one of the bartenders at Witness is paleo!), leftover pork and red curry

Sleep:7 hours

Pretty good.. should have saved the sweet potato for late afternoon; felt a bit low energy for the WOD.


by Mark-Anthony Butin || [comment_count post_id=895]

B - 4 eggs, 1/2 an avocado (I eat all my avocados w/ chili pepper flakes and lemon juice....the best!)
Snack - apple, almonds, walnuts
L - taco casserole w/ guac
Snack - almonds, walnuts, some white sweet potato
D - The Mr. Mouthpiece Burger from Lil' Woodys - 1/3lb burger, cheddar, chipotle sauce, lettuce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon. some Japanese yam fries.
Snack - cantaloupe

Sleep:5 hours

was hoping to post the pic of my dinner that I posted on instagram but my work computer won't let me! Anywho, I ditched the bun (it was giving me panic attacks) and the fries in the pic were Japanese yam fries (that were not from Lil' Woodys). I just needed a nice pic cuz I'm trying to win a grill haha (for my mouth). Overall, the cheese and the bacon were probably not whole 30 approved (but I'm not on that anymore).

Slept late and it made an impact in my work out. 100kg c&j that felt dumb heavy...when I did 105kg on the complex on Wed. eeeek. I need to sleep better for work!

05/08/14: back on the wagon

by Daren Brantley || [comment_count post_id=888]

Breakfast: 2 eggs, bacon, coffee
Lunch: 2 large drummies, sweet potato, greens
Snack: 2 handfulls almonds
Cheryl's bday dinner: sausage, kraut, roasted asparagus, 2 NorCals 😛
Snack: 12oz ribeye, strawberries, kale chips, almond chips & salsa

Sleep:7 hours

Feeling fantastic after two NorCals on an empty stomach 😀


by Mark-Anthony Butin || [comment_count post_id=887]

B/L - taco casserole w/ 2 fried eggs. 1/2 an avocado
snack - Japanese yam fries
D - zucchini noodles w/ crock pot marinara, spicy italian sausage from Uli's
snack - slices of cantaloupe, some crock pot pork loin "carnitas" (aka taste testing for dinner/lunch the following day)

Sleep:7 hours

rest day today. slept real late last night and slept in real good the following morning. made myself get up but kinda just laid in bed because I wanted to. food intake was meh, waking up late makes for a funny meal schedule.

(haven't posted in a while! sorry! I stopped posting in a whole30 FB thread I was a part of cuz the only other participant stopped her whole 30 short.)

05/03/14: omg muffins

by Daren Brantley || [comment_count post_id=730]

Brunch: 2 eggs scrambled, 2 strips bacon, black coffee
Snack: blueberry paleo muffin, raw veggies
Dinner: Sashimi, seaweed, sautéed calamari with chorizo
Snack: 2 paleo empanadas (1 beef, 1 pork)

Sleep:10 hours

Tried paleo baking for the first time, and ended up with delicious blueberry/almond/coconut muffins. Yum!


by Ryan Smith || [comment_count post_id=727]

Two hard boiled eggs
Mixed fruit

Almonds and pecans
BBQ pork on a spinach salad

14 oz steak and a baked potato!

Sleep:7 hours

Today was day 6 and I made it through the whole week absolutely doing great but went to dinner at the Metropolitan grill and couldn't resist a baked potato! The steak was AMAZING though. I don't feel guilty at all but I am going right back to clean eating today!


by Mark-Anthony Butin || [comment_count post_id=725]

breakfast - 3 eggs, 2 sausage patties
snack - apple, almonds, walnuts
lunch - chicken stir fry (Trader Joe's "Asian veggies" mix - minus the one piece of baby corn they always put in)
snack - almonds, walnuts
dinner - grilled pork loin (salt, pepper), buffalo pulled chicken salad
snack - cantaloupe, coconut water

Sleep:5 hours

surprisingly enough...I'm never bored with what I have for breakfast.

Also, how 'bout them Blazers? :hat :smokin :hat


by Mark-Anthony B || [comment_count post_id=724]

breakfast - 3 eggs, 2 sausage patties
snack - apple, almonds, walnuts
lunch - brisket, romaine lettuce
snack - almonds, walnuts, coconut water
dinner - damn fine chicken & braised cabbage/onions/carrots
snack - fresh cantaloupe, dried mango

Sleep:5 hours

Thursday-Sunday I usually average <5 hrs of sleep. oops.

also, how 'bout them Blazers :hat :hat